Saturday, January 26, 2008

Disclaimer - Part I

Obviously, the Internet has been a major disappointment against the forces of the supersystem. Blogging is pathetic, the comments section of even our preeminent journalists' blogs (Chris Floyd, Allan Nairn) are tumbleweed desolation itself: "Comments: (0)" Way to go!
This is the Beyond Information Age. We are deluged with one-author musings, missives, pleadings, ruminations, all disconnected and mutterings before the void. Whatever "community" has been engendered by these boy Google/Microsoft billionaires is fantastically nowhere, an inert flash mob of rank stupidity, housewife commiseration, and moribund fan-worship. On top of all the textual sewage that runs our way, we have spent years in death-spiral supplication in classrooms, so we are accustomed only to an advertising-based panting after our own image.
I do not counsel despair, unless you can handle it. The supersystem can be approached, seen, and even removed for security purposes (okay, not the third). Atheistic secular rationalism is advancing across America, and it is a wonderful, ennobling, vainglorious cause. For every institutional actor in the supersystem, there are great observer/participants who can show you the endemic forces that govern them to puerility, and you will be directed to them here. For law, find Thomas Geoghegan. For religion, seek out Michel Onfray. For warnings of current malaise, unearth Bertram Gross' 1980 Friendly Fascism. Or don't - read for your own benefit, and especially not just white men like me. These guardians may have individual failings, and they can only cover a few of the multifarious heads of the supersystem, but they are accessible, brilliant, and free at your local library.

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Anonymous said...

interesting blog you have here. your comments at Empire Burlesque are usually interesting, sometimes a bit overnegative but maybe that's what's needed in this time.

I wonder why you cite to Thomas Geoghagen as an expert in "law." I guess that's better than citing Glenn Greenwald or Judge Richard Posner, but I doubt quite deeply that Geoghagen is as expert as you label him.

The law is not a mystical beast that can be slain only by a knight holding the sainted sword.

And Geoghagen is neither the knight nor the sainted sword.