Sunday, January 27, 2008

The supersystem and atheism - Part I

Although atheist books have enjoyed a banner year, the post-upsurge has been lackluster within the happy tents of the resolute atheists. The supersystem theory is dependent upon atheism, because it is so materialist and rational, so it must advance the cause, even when others blather on about this or that quibble with the word.
Religious beliefs in transcendent divine providence have arisen from atavistic needs since campfires and caves, and as humanity has gone out to commingle in agricultural enclaves, it has kept its yearning from a fearsome organizing principle of death, destruction, and now individual salvation through incantation. However, there has not been a single moment's evidence to even begin a proof for a god or gods, so we can conclude that religion is a fruitless endeavor. And given our collective understanding of the natural world, we cannot find not a single possible development that will announce a supernatural agency to help govern us in our reality, so we are left with nothing to show for all of this. We trust, we know, we imagine, only that which can be established by rational analysis, but we are light-years behind in our social understanding compared to our capabilities. We know that neither socialism, nor communism, nor capitalism will describe a passable global economic and political order, yet we persist down these dull avenues. The supersystem is directing us all: to work tomorrow, to school forever, to think of limited options, to keep our heads down, to listen to fantasists and autistic savants. Instead, we need to have others find our faults, to keep an eye open for social reformation, to see the humility of our lonely selves and the majesty of the far, far greater social world.

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