Monday, January 21, 2008

Supersystem -

The theory of"The Supersystem" is meant to supersede all prior sociological, economic, political, cultural, literary, and social scientific theories. However, the theory of the supersystem is basic, accessible, and fun.
The supersystem is the superstructure of all the institutional systems we encounter. Because I am American, the supersystem that I will be most concerned with is the western one, but all humans exist in an invisible, nearly impermeable, inter-connected set of institutional areas.

Every neologism can be instantly offensive, oft-putting at inception, and subject to withering disinterest. No problem - this one is only meant to save the human world.

The foundation of the theory is in existential nihilism, backed with intense happiness at unearned privilege. History conspires to give us a world based on myths, traditions, superstitions, honed human instincts, and we endeavor to use our genetic temperament and strengthened awareness to manage, and even improve, our lot. This in turn depends immensely on others, either in the immediate environment, or in the colossal, incredibly complex sense of much wider realities of highly contingent greater institutions.

We have so very little control over social reality, yet for those with a functioning mind, social reality is what we seek to mold to our liking. Thus, enormous frustration. The goal of this blog is to develop observations of how the supersystem is devolving, governed by deleterious, destructive, maddening, inhumane structures and practices. Of course, should there be fundamental shifts within the supersystem, such as progressive tax regulation, jailing the plutocracy, creating public works programs, arresting the destruction of the environment, why, we'll be the first to join and celebrate - oh yeah!

Usually, though, this means finding sociological meaning in the true nature of work, schools, the courts, entertainment, sports, politics, family life, corporate fascism, autistic theory, sex, spelling, shopping, in the whatever and whereever, and given the current status of our supersystem, we are not likely to find much that is big that is in any way passable.

The supersystem is real. Not until now have we given a name to our master. It is not a god or gods, not our parents, not our spouse, not our overseers. The Supersystem - it's here to stay. And since you will never, ever, get away from it, I will spend the Internet's resources to try to get this understood, worldwide, using this means.

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